CoEdify's Financial Agreement

Pay after you get hired

What is Financial Agreement?

CoEdify's Financial Agreement allows students to register and complete courses without paying any fees, and can be placed in one of the best companies, but must promise to pay the fees back to us within 24 months. You can learn effectively with zero upfront fees.

Our agreement allows you to get education from our experienced mentors without paying any fees until you get hired and it also prevents you to get loans. We also do not charge any interest on your money.

How does our financial agreement works?

We designed our financial agreement such that students will not face any problem to pay our amount, we keep things crystal clear in our agreement.

Pay ₹0 upfront fees till you get hired

After the free 7 days bootcamp, you decide whether you want to join CoEdify or not. If you like us and want to join us then we will do some paperwork which includes your total fees & agreement and that's enough for us.

You don't have to pay any amount (registration fees, admisssion fees, etc.) to us. After the paperwork you are good to go for our batch and start studying for the placements. Once you get your job then you'll pay us the decided amount.

Pay us monthly after placement

According to our financial agreement, you pay us monthly only after you get hired till you reach our payment cap which is ₹200000 (Including 18% GST). You will pay 25% of your monthly income for the 24 months.

As we said earlier, We don't charge anything when you are studying from us for placements but according to our agreement you must pay us monthly after you get your job.

Our agreement ends once you complete our payment

You are free from our financial agreement once you reach our payment cap (₹200000 - incl. 18% GST) or you don't have to pay us monthly when you complete our whole payment.

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